“Because Seabiscuit was one of the greatest racehorses who ever lived, his barn is a landmark in sports history. But it’s more than that. Seabiscuit was a beloved popular icon of the 1930s, a rags-to-riches hero who captivated and uplifted a nation stricken by the Great Depression. His barn is a treasure of our history, and it is so fitting that it now occupies a privileged spot on the National Register of Historic Places.”


~ Laura Hillenbrand, Author of the best-seller, “Seabiscuit – An American Legend




One of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Historic Ridgewood Ranch is one of the few remaining sites that can remind of us of a time in our history when a little racehorse with a big heart captured an entire nation.


Seabiscuit triumphed over adversity, embodied the American spirit, and connected with human hearts, giving hope to millions of Americans during the darkest economic era our nation has ever faced.
What a legacy to preserve and protect.


“Seabiscuit showed us what can happen when people from very different walks of life band together to give each other hope, support and opportunity.”

Gary Stevens
Hall of Fame racing jockey